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      熱門關鍵詞:B-100AP LUYOR-3415RG


      作者:luyor時間:2020-12-07 13:41:54瀏覽121 次


      2020年標注使用LUYOR產品的代表文獻 標注使用LUYOR產品的文獻數量再創新高 截止到2020年11月,Google Scholar數據表明,注明使用LUYOR產品的文獻已經突破1000篇! 以下是2020年發表的部分文獻:


      截止到2020年11月,Google Scholar數據表明,注明使用LUYOR產品的文獻已經突破1000篇!



      1,LUYOR-3130/LUYOR-450  浙江大學 Gr/TiO2 Films with Light-Controlled Positive/Negative Charge for Cell Harvesting Application
      2. LUYOR-3405 青島農業大學 Aflatoxin contaminated degree detection by hyperspectral data using band index
      3.LUYOR-3415 中國科學院 Efficient CELI endonuclease production in Nicotiana benthamiana through transient expression and applications in detections of mutation and gene editing events
      4.LUYOR-3405 南澳大利亞大學 Multithiol functionalized graphene bio-sponge via photoinitiated thiol-ene click chemistry for efficient heavy metal ions adsorption
      5.LUYOR-6200 南京林業大學 Comparison of image-based methods for determining the inline mixing uniformity of pesticides in direct nozzle injection systems
      6.LUYOR-3109 四川大學 Antioxidant shape amphiphiles for accelerated wound healing
      7.LUYOR-3410 哈爾濱工程大學 Optical fiber sensor based on a cholesteric
      liquid crystal film for mixed VOC sensing
      8.LUYOR-3109 四川大學 Fabrication of superhydrophilic and underwater superoleophobic membranes for fast and effective oil/water separation with excellent durability
      9.LUYOR-3260RB 西北農林大學 LreEF1A4, a Translation Elongation Factor from Lilium regale, Is Pivotal for Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Tobacco Rattle Virus Infections and Tolerance to Salt and Drought


      10.LUYOR-3160 中國電子科技大學 Synthesis and characterization of photo-responsive flower-like copolymer micelles with o-nitrobenzyl as the junction point
      11.  LUYOR-365 中國地質大學 Near-Infrared Light Activated Nucleic Acid Cascade Recycling Amplification for Spatiotemporally Controllable Signal Amplified mRNA Imaging

      12.LUYOR-3109 四川大學 Facile one-step preparation of robust hydrophobic cotton fabrics by covalent bonding polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane for ultrafast oil/water separation
      13. LUYOR-3415 浙江農林大學 Somatic embryo induction and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of embryonic callus tissue in Phoebe bournei, an endangered woody species in Lauraceae
      14. LUYOR-3415 中國農業大學 A DMP-triggered in vivo maternal haploid induction system in the dicotyledonous Arabidopsis
      15.LUYOR-3410 山東農業大學 The conserved aromatic residue W122 is a determinant of potyviral coat protein stability, replication, and cell‐to‐cell movement in plants



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